Eco-Friendly Foldable Dome Home

This dome is a home. Vagabond as you are, Eco-friendly Foldable  Dome Home is a resolution. The safe haven to live in when you're away from the comfort of a home. 

The earth-like shaped shelter is made up of environment friendly materials, has utilized solar energy and enables low cost construction.  Dome Home is manageable since it easily folds and can be easily put up or even gather for travel. Definitely, this is constructed to guard in any conditions.  A resilient buddy against the odds of the weather.

Its shape facilitates ample supply of fresh air and conducts regular air flow from an underground duct system. Efficient to adjust hot and cold temperature to ensure comfort. Inside the Dome is made of birch plywood construction and spacious sections. An interior design that is completely insulated. On the outside of the Dome is the concrete and liquid rubber covering. A geodesic structure that is able to gather rain. 

Additionally, Dome can provide hot water for kitchen and toilet facilities as it connects through a hot water tank. Imagine, it typically includes a fire place. All you could ask of a real home. The essential thing to survive in any place.  Very interesting, isn't it?